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Skye & Freya

Border Collie Skye, and Freya the Golden retriever love exploring with Dale & Charlotte.

David & Olive

Rambling with Olive the Cockapoo on walks between 45 mins and 1.5 hours in West Sussex, mostly around Haywards Heath & Horsham area.

Hendricks, Malfy & The Hooman

Getting mucky and wet, these two labs explore East Sussex and around with their owner too!

Vicki and Roka

Follow Vicki along with Roka the Vizsla and companion Tigger as they explore new walks in their area!

Mishka & Her Pack

The gorgeous and super friendly Mishka is an Alaskan Malamute, based in West Sussex and exploring the surrounding areas.

Liam & Hank

Hank the incredibly handsome English Mastiff and his owner Liam are based in Horsham and enjoy exploring throughout Sussex.

Maple Fabulosa

Maple is a beautiful golden retriever that will never say no to a walk. Based in London and will be covering walks in Southeast London, Kent, Surrey and eventually Essex.

Imogen, Mike & Stella

We’ll be helping to cover West Sussex, and enjoy finding new spots to take Stella to keep her (and us!) interested.

Paul & Hank

Owner of PupandaWay, lives in Billingshurst. Short to Medium walks mainly with most under an hour, often trying to get off the beaten track and find somewhere to let Hank off the lead!

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