Imogen, Mike & Stella


After trying out lots of the walks on here we’ve decided to try and add a few of our own! We’ll be helping to cover West Sussex, and enjoy finding new spots to take Stella to keep her (and us!) interested.

Name: Stella

Breed: Labrador X Golden Retriever

Age: Born June 2018

Bio: Stella is a failed assistance dog who loves playing with other dogs, chasing squirrels and finding whatever she can to roll in! She’s pretty energetic so we like finding walks where we can let her off lead - mostly fields as she likes wandering off in woodland, the temptation of wildlife and scents can be a bit much but she is improving so we’re trusting her a bit more now. She also loves all people and dogs so enjoys walks where we come across other dogs for her to play with!


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Imogen, Mike & Stella

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