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Do you love:
Walking your dog?
Writing reviews and Blogs?
Taking Great Photos?
Helping your local community?
If the answer's yes... all of those questions then we'd love to have you join our community by helping contribute to Pup and a Way.

The site is all about increasing local knowledge so we need people who know their area, and give interesting and informative accounts of where they've been to allow others to explore them themselves. Currently I am focusing on West Sussex as that's where I live, so would love to make sure this area is completely covered and there's so many more places than I could ever visit all on my own! Eventually I want to increase the site to other counties as well, so even if you are outside of West Sussex I'd love to hear from you and we can start to broaden our coverage even further with the more help we get!

We'd send you a simple online form to complete for each walk you wish to contribute, explaining what is needed to ensure all of the information fits in with our site, then you simply send that over along with your pictures and route map (very easy to do, we'll give you all instructions for this) and we'll do the rest.

We'll add you to our Authors list so that all of your contributions can be credited to you, and visitors can see a bit about you and even get in touch or follow your social media accounts too. All author information is completely optional, so if you just want to share some information, or none at all and appear anonymously then that's absolute fine too there's no obligation for you to provide that info.

Please see our terms and conditions and privacy policy at the bottom of this page for full information on how we use any data.

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