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About Your Walk

Is it hilly or flat, what are the pathways likes, are there stiles or obstacles?

No need for lots of text here, but if there is anything particular people should out either Ron the walk or in close vicinity. Eg. Check out the view point here, or great pub just a mile away.

How was the walk for you? Please try to include information that will be useful to the reader - such as best routes to go, certain areas to avoid, if it's busy, is it close to roads or are there other things to look out for such as grazing animals, gates etc. Are there lots of off-lead opportunities, or areas where dogs must be on the lead. Let users know what's there and what to expect, what you likes and didn't like about it.

This doesn't have to be a formal checklist, please feel free to write in your own style about your own experience.

If yes, please give details. e.g. Space for many cars, height barriers, is the car park locked at night? If it's free or chargeable (if fees applicable, please take photo of fees sign to include in gallery if possible)

If yes, please give details. e.g. Stream with great access for swimming dogs. Or yes, but strong currents and deep water so beware.


If yes, please give details. e.g. Bins at car park entrance

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