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Discover New Walks

Whether you're looking to discover new dog walks near you, or planning a trip further afield - the best new dog walking locations are now even easier to find.

- Use the Most Viewed and Recently Added lists on the Home Screen

- Interactive Map Search with lead photo and quick route previews.

- Text Search to search by name, or narrow down your search by desired features.

- Follow your favourtite contributors to be notified each time they add a new walk.


Use the inbuilt GPS in Start a Walk to load a route so you can follow as you walk, making sure you don't take a wrong turn!

View photos and way points in real time location. Ever wondered where that hidden waterfall is, now you see directly where to go!

Share your location. If ever you need to let your contacts know exactly where you are, you can share this directly from the GPS screen.

Create Your Own Walks

Share your walks, and preserve your memories by contributing to Pup & A Way.

Add your own walks by tracking your route, adding photos and details along the way to help other visitors, and reviews and helpful information.

All New Features

Create Your Own Lists

Use the My Walks section to organise your walks. Simply click the heart in the top corner of each walk and you can save to Favourites in Wish List or Visited to keep track of where you've been and where you want to go!

The History tab keeps track of all walks you've added, both for publishing for everyone, as well as private walks to keep just for yourself.

Visitor Comments

Add comments and photos to walks

Reward Points

For every walk you add you earn reward points, that can be used to purchase premium features - COMING SOON...


Find New walks and details not available on the website

A Work in Progess...

We're so excited to be able to launch this app, and hope that you enjoy using it and are able to benefit from all the great features!

The is the first formal release and I wanted to write a little disclaimer as Pup & A Way is not a big established company, or remotely organised in any way!! It is just one man's hobby that has evolved from the website and got out of control, and now I'm trying to make the features all the more accessible to everyone!

Given this, the app has been built on a budget! I had a whole host of features that I wanted to include and whilst I'm really pleased with the first release, there are still parts that I am aware of that need improving, so I please ask for your patience and kindness especially if leaving reviews and take this into account!

It has taken a crazy amount of time to get to this stage, so now that we've got to where we are hopefully we can get more people using the app, and if I can generate a little revenue from advertising then I can re-invest and improve and add as we go!!

So contrary to standard sales pitches I am going to list known things that are wrong with the app! Just so you know we are aware too, and if you have any additional suggestions we'll happily take those on board so please get in touch.

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Thank you!

If you've got this far, then thank you for reading my How-To guide in how not to market your brand new app!!

It's a project of passion though and I want to make sure it is the best and most functional it can be, this whole idea started as I wanted to find an app exactly like this but couldn't, so as long as I'm not the only one who feels like this then I can keep working on it and improving!!

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!!

Paul & Hank