Mother of Sausages


About: I’m a fur-mum to 3 miniature dachshunds who love adventures!! We enjoy local walks to our home county of Oxfordshire but also venture further afield around the UK in our campervan. The South West Coast Path is our current favourite challenge!

The Sausages:

Lily - ‘The Queen’ is leader of the pack. She quite often makes out she doesn’t want to join the walk but enjoys it once we get going. However her favourite part is the snack and snuggles after! Lily’s best walk involves a sandy beach.

Shiloh - ‘Little Prince’ is the noisy member of the gang, always something to say while enjoying an adventure. He’s usually in a coat to keep warm but is always the muddiest one! Shiloh’s best walk involves open, quiet fields.

Nessie - ‘The Secret Spaniel’ is the wild child! She is into everything and loves throwing herself in any type of water for a paddle or swim, especially in the warmer months. Nessie’s best walk would have a wood with a stream.


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Mother of Sausages

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