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Hi, my name's Paul and thanks for using Pup and a Way!

This project came about as when trying to look for walks to take Hank on I found myself searching online for details, and just couldn't find anywhere with all the information in one place or enough info about places local to me. There are so many beautiful walks in West Sussex where we live, but I couldn't easily find information on where to park, what's there, walker's experiences etc. so I wanted to create one place where users can find everything they need about where they want to go, and also discover new places they may never knew existed right on their doorstep!

There are lots of rambling sites with more info on longer walks, but I'm a dog walker not a rambler and just wanted to vary my daily walk to give Hank some extra stimulation and exercise in new and varied environments, rather than just the same old streets! Most of my walks are around an hour, and I've tried to show you that round here you don't have to travel too far to find great spots for your daily walk.

Name: Hank

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Age: Born May 2019

Bio: Clumsy and dopey, this loveable beast is just now (sort of!) starting to understand his size! He loves walks and loves to meet and greet everyone and everything he passes! He love chasing balls, frisbees, sticks, but is rubbish at bringing them back - quickly being distracted by anything as soon as it lands as is typical with his breed! Hank is friendly and playful, however his size and excited, boisterous nature can be daunting to many whilst he's still learning not to jump up because he bulldozes most in his path. We tend to keep off-lead time to when there's no one around but he loves to play with other dogs, so if you do see him on a walk it's always great to let them play so do stop for a chat!


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