Skye & Freya


We are Dale & Charlotte with our beautiful dogs: Skye, 6-year-old Border Collie and Freya, 3-year-old Golden Retriever.

We love to adventure and explore new places; we aim for walks in the 2-3 hour mark on our weekend adventures. We love to go off path and explore what is hidden, with our girls leading the way.

Skye loves to wander off and explore, or even better play ball all walk. She recently learned to swim and now it’s hard to keep her out of the water (even when it’s cold and she comes out shaking!) A stick is a suitable replacement for a no-ball walk however, she then gets her revenge by trying to take our legs out with it.

Freya is your typical Golden Retriever; she loves to swim and then to roll around in anything that can get her as filthy as possible! By the end of most walks, she is a lovely muddy colour which requires her to be washed down every walk. Freya’s aim in life is to try and make friends with anything that’s living, whether that’s people (mainly when she’s wet or muddy) or every other animal we come across on our walks.


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Skye & Freya

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