David & Olive


Olive is a beautiful and friendly Cockapoo who’s obsessed with balls and would happily spend the whole day out walking. She loves to drop her ball in streams and then woof at me that they need rescuing. We love finding new places and I used to spend a frustrating time looking for good walks near us, only to find mostly long-distance hiking walks that last 4+ hours. When I found Pup and a Way I was so excited to see one place where I could really easily see where good walks for dogs were, where to park, where to walk, what to expect etc. So Olive and I are looking forward to sharing the walks we’ve found with you all too.

Rambling with Olive the Cockapoo on walks between 45 mins and 1.5 hours in West Sussex, mostly around Haywards Heath & Horsham area.


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David & Olive

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