Crabtree, Brighton Road, RH13 6PT

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Two spaces on the road just before Mill Road (what3words: chitchat.tiling.milk) or if you fancy chips or a drink as well you can park in The Crabtree pub carpark. The garden in the pub has direct access through the back to the walk.


Mostly flat, with one steady up and down on the loop. The straight section is through fields (sometimes sheep in one, and 30metres of electric fence in another) and the low-path can be extremely muddy in wet times. The high path (the return loop on my journey) is not muddy.


A couple of streams off the main path and one lovely large pond/small lake.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Crabtree pub. There's some large oak trees, and the loop section is full to bursting with bluebells at the right time of year. My profile pic is of Olive in these bluebells.

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About My Walk

It's generally pretty quiet here. The first straight section is through fields, which have kissing gates or normal gates. There's one small stile (Olive usually squeezes through the fence instead). In the first field you go to the diagonally opposite corner to the one you entered, and after than you essentially just go in a complete straight line until you reach the entrance to the loop section, which starts next to the gorgeous cottage, Gorsemede (my dream home) that sits on the edge of the large pond. A muddy incline after the pond takes you into the trees and you can do the low path, which is muddy all the way along in wet weather, then turn left uphill after the oddly occurring bamboo section, to the high path which isn't muddy. The high path brings you back to the large pond and you follow the fields back to the start. Or you can do high path then low path. There are other paths that lead off in the loop section, but they aren't public foot paths, so best to stick to the loop I've walked. One of the fields has a short, 30 metre section of electric fence on one side, so leads may be advised on that part. One of the fields has sheep in at certain times of year, although they seem very comfortable with both people and dogs. Olive loves to chase the ball in the fields and sniff everywhere in the woods. I've seen lots of deer here, including a group of 5 or 6 with a white deer leading them. There's no sound of road traffic and at the right time of year it is bursting full of bluebells.

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