Firestone Copse

Firestone Copse Rd, Havenstreet and Ashey, Ryde PO33 4DL

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Dedicated car park which can easily fit a couple of dozen cars, but there are some large potholes in places.


While there are some hills, you can easily do a nice walk on the flat if you choose to. A mix of wide hard tracks and smaller forest paths and woodland trails makes it a good all-rounder.


Some small streams littered about, and a bigger lake in the north west corner.

Poo Bins

Bins at the entrance and a few further in as well.

Local Features

Fresh-ground coffee man in a van is often there in good weather!

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About My Walk

This is a popular walk and you'll likely see other walkers, but it's still very quite and beautiful. We were walking quite slowly and didn't explore the whole area on this walk, so don't take our route and speed to heart, there's more to explore both in terms of time and distance. What's nice about Firestone Copse is the mix of terrain and path types; you can stay on the hard paths and do a good flat loop in any kind of weather, or you can disappear on any of the many winding woodland paths and discover something new up and down and round the corners. There's a beautiful lake up in the north west corner, marshlands on one side, pine forests and mixed tree areas.

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