Liam & Hank


Hank the incredibly handsome English Mastiff and his owner Liam are based in Horsham and enjoy exploring throughout Sussex.

Due to Hank’s age and the size of the breed, our walks are never longer than an hour but we love exploring all types of terrain, his favourite is long grass. We do try and avoid stiles, he’s already over 50kg so I’m not lifting him any more! Hank loves everyone that he meets and attracts a lot of attention so sometimes it's hard to get into the flow of a nice steady walk but this is a good chance for me to catch my breath!

We are based in Horsham, where I’ve lived all my life. Hank loves a trip in the car so we are happy to travel all over Sussex exploring. We visit somewhere different every week and have often thought about documenting and mapping our trips through instagram but never actually got round to doing it. This site is exactly what I was looking for so it’s great to be part of the community to help build on an already great platform.

Hank's DOB - 28th November 2020.


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Liam & Hank

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