Grouse Road Forest

Grouse Road, Horsham*

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Parking on both sides of the road


Hilly and very slippery


As you go further into the forest there’s quite a bit of water in the streams which lead to Hawkins Lake

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Shooting boxes in the private part of the woods so watch out!

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Stay Safe

About My Walk

As you pull up at the parking area, you have two choices to start your walk, either side of the road. You’ll see in my pictures which entrance I took. Straight away the walk heads down hill towards the water. It is slippery when wet, if your dog is like Hank who takes great pleasure in running into me and knocking me over, watch out!

As you get down to the stream/river, you’ll see the bridge has had better days! Still pretty secure but be careful crossing! It does get quite steep in places going up and down. Keep an eye out for mountain bikes too. We only did a short walk as I was knackered but there’s lots more to explore!

*What three words: extremely.drift.stage

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