Downs Link, Rudgwick

Station Road, RH12 3HB

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Doctors car park when it’s shut at the weekend, neighbouring roads during the week.


Majority of the walk is smooth and flat, couple of steep inclines. Muddy when wet.


Stream running along side the footpath, not very deep.

Poo Bins

1 at the car park

Local Features

Milk Churn Cafe a short way off the downs link, look out for the signs.

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About My Walk

Start off in the car park, few steps down onto the Downs Link. This walk can be as easy or as hard as you like, 1KM or 10KM. Turn left for Christ Hospital (you will have to cross the A281) or Right for Guildford. I turned right which is relatively flat along the stream (Hank loved this) passing under bridges along the way. Then around 1.2KM into the walk there’s a steep incline, be careful when wet! After this you can rest on the bench then choose to follow the Downs Link by turning right or following other footpaths through fields etc. It’s all well signposted. Lots of space for all the cyclists and other dog walkers to pass.

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