Cissbury, Monarch's Way

Monarch's way, Findon

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Parking for around 10 cars, can get really busy in the summer.


Chalk & Stones, slippery when wet.


Only large puddles when wet!

Poo Bins

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Local Features

The top of Cissbury Ring.

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About My Walk

Everyone’s heard of Cissbury and Chanctonbury but this but is usually unheard of. Take a drive through Findon and head up Monarch’s Way. This takes you pretty much to the top of the hill. Here you can choose to continue up to the top or walk along the tracks to Steyning as we did. As you can see from the photos it was extremely wet, windy and foggy! Be careful as it’s extremely slippery underfoot.

We continued straight for most of it then walked around a field which had a public footpath running through it. You can walk for miles here and end up in the woods at Steyning. Great views when the clouds are gone. Does get windy due to being at the top of the hills!

* What three words location: ///backtrack.costly.motor

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