Colliford Lake

St Neot, near Liskeard, PL14 6PZ

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3 car parks, one of which has toilets.


Fairly flat, rocks, sand and mud.


Plenty of water, it’s like an inland sea! *See Review

Poo Bins

Didn’t see any where we were but maybe at the other car parks.

Local Features

Wild Ponies, Cattle and Sheep.

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About My Walk

After driving past this all week on the A30 trunk road and reading that this is a 900 acre lake, I had to visit it being a fisherman. What a place. No trees to shelter from the winds which make for some tidal water! Wild ponies, cattle and sheep on the moorland so keep your dogs close. Apparently it’s 15 miles round the whole lake so safe to say I didn’t even scratch the surface. Wrap up warm and take in the amazing views!

*23/4/22 Note from Matt at South West Lakes. Please note that all reservoirs have an on-lead policy and no swimming. Also please note there are no bins so kindly take all waste home!

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