Skippy & Booboo


We're in the Cotswolds, and quite a motley bunch!

Skippy is a three and half legged Maltese/Westie, and BooBoo is a very nervous and now blind Bichon. Marion, the teeny human of the team, is loving life in the countryside after 60 years a Londoner. Our walks are fairly short, about 40 - 90 minutes, as this suits the girls' physical capabilities and their temperaments; they both regularly get to a 'this far and no further' point in a walk, and back we go.

When I moved to our village, I was so urban I didn't even know people were allowed to walk in fields if there is a public footpath through them. It took me ages to find local walks, so I produced a booklet of walks in and near our village, Blockley for new residents and visitors. This can be downloaded free from where there are also videos, photos and links to Ordnance Survey routes for each walk. Or if you're in the neighbourhood, you can pop into Blockley shop and buy the booklet and then have a fabulous cream tea or meal at the Blockley cafe!


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Skippy & Booboo

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