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Linch Road, Woolbeding with Redford

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Date Added:

April 9, 2021


Small National Trust Car Park off Linch Road, lots of windy single lane country roads to get there.


Quite a hilly walk, nothing too steep but first half pretty much all downhill, way back all up! Muddy woodland paths, and gravel tracks for the most part. No stiles, couple of gates.


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Info

From the car park you can cross the road and go into Woolbeding Common too, hope to add that walk soon.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

April 9, 2021
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Author Review

Firstly I apologise but I am not going to even attempt to explain detailed directions for this one, every junction in the pathways seemed to have 4 or 5 options so if I try to explain it I will need some technical drawings and detailed maps or I will get you completely lost! I'd recommend following my route map here if you can, and definitely one for a GPS app to make sure you can get back to the car!

I started by going right off the main path out of the car park and through the open field with great views off to you right. My route took me through some great wide open common spaces, and then through some spectacular woodlands, and being such a quiet area Hank enjoyed some great free running time. There are a couple of spots that take you past some houses that pop up seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and there are a couple of private country roads too but nothing busy.

Randomly on the latter sections of the walk there were a couple of cows on the road but luckily Hank was on the lead by them, and there were signs for livestock in one spot and horses too but we didn't come across any others on our walk.

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