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Scotland Lane, Midhurst, GU29 0BN

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Date Added:

July 23, 2023


Take Kings Drive off the A286, which leads onto Scotland lane in the little cluster of houses. Carry on to the end, and just before the no access sign to private land there's a small car park on your left with space for sound 8-10 cars I guess but only a couple there when I went.


Mostly grassy or woodland trails. Few narrow or stepped sections, bit of a hill climb on the way back but not too steep. No stiles, and no livestock seen on our visit although did see some deer.


No water here

Poo Bins

Is a poo bin in the car park

Local Info

This is the third walk I've found in the Woolbeding area and all offer something a little different so search the site for the others if you're in this area.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

July 23, 2023
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Author Review

From the car park we headed down the first trail on the left almost going adjacent to the road you came in on for a bit, which leads round to the right and you follow alongside an old ruined wall for a bit. Keep going straight past any junctions until you get to a crossroads where the right hand route leads around the perimeter of the field in front of you. Follow this round and down the hill for a bit and you'll soon come to another crossroads down a steeper section of hill, and head right to take you back up the hill. At the top, yes, another crossroads which if you head right will lead you back to the car so a nice simple loop.

It's a very pretty area, and very quiet thee was hardly anyone around so has lots of space. It's a mix of walking through woodland trails, and through heathland with some nice views too in parts.

You pretty much park at the top of the hill, and the first half of the walk is heading downhill the whole way, so is a bit more of a slug on the way back as you climb up but it's quite a short walk so not too much of a hike.

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