Stansted Park, Broad Walk, Rowland's Castle PO9 6DU

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November 6, 2023


Head for the garden centre car park entrance, the as the road leads you in if you park in the first car park on your right, signed for grounds only. The path starts right off this car park almost opposite the entrance.


Pretty flat throughout with only slight inclines. Most paths are gravel or stone, but even so were very muddy in parts with big puddles.


No Water here

Poo Bins

Poo bin in the car park

Local Info

The ruins are a spectacular feature and were built 1766-75 by the 2nd earl of Halifax. Typically though for an open to public spot, lots of beer cans rubbish around so watch out for glass.

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November 6, 2023
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Author Review

From the car park follow the piblic footpath signs which take yiu round to the right, and shortly after there's a kissing gate on your left which takes you across a field. Through another gate and after another small path head left up the stone track. Carry on this path, ignore the signed oath into the field by the stile just past the first house, and a couple of km and you'll come to the ruins on your right. Its quite close to the path, but pretry overgrown but you can walk all the way round it.

Once you've gor your pics head back the way you came, and this time take the next right.

This path eventually comes to a private road, so head left. You can just carry in the road and it will lead you back past the estate and to the car park, but we saw a path heading through the fields after 500m or so so took that for a bit more of a scenic route, which ends up back on the path you started on.

Much of the walk is on fairly enclosed paths with tree and shrubbery either side, but there's some nice breaks with views over the fields.

It was not busy at all, and are areas to comfortable go off lead. The main reason we didn't today was because there was shooting goin on in the fields so poor old Hank was a bit freaked out by that!

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