Radford Park

Malthouse Meadows, Liphook GU30 7BD

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Free car park for a dozen or so cars but residential roads to park on close by if it's full. Is a height barrier but couldn't see measurement, reckon about 2.1m at a guess.


Mainly gravel pathways with couple of muddy spots and a grassy section at the end. Are a couple of steps, nice flat walk in the main and no stiles


Nice gentle stream running through the middle with plenty of spots to stop and splash. Is a pretty pond too.

Poo Bins

Lots of poo bins dotted all around.

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About My Walk

A nice surprise find this, right in the heart of Liphook off the residential estates.

The pathway is very simple and creates a nice loop, we went right from the car park which takes you through some pretty willows and woodlands to start with. The stream runs through the middle of the park so there's several crossing points.

The back straight is nice and shady under the tree canopy, and then coming back to the car park on the return leg there's some wide open grassy areas so a bit of everything, and in the main looks like the park is very well maintained.

Being so close to the village and very family friendly it is quite busy, but also very dog friendly and a lovely walk.

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