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London Road, Petworth, GU28 9LS

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Date Added:

August 29, 2020


There are two car parks, one for the house and one for the park. The park car park is about 1 mile further out, going away from Petworth. Pay and display, £3 for full day. Open 8-8 Summer, and 8-6 in winter but check link in About my Walk section for up to date times .


Mainly grassy paths, but are some gravel parts too but all are very flat and well maintained. Some hilly parts if you want a longer walk, but nothing too steep.


Two beautiful ponds here, both with shallow access. Two smaller ponds also on the far side of Upper Pond.

Poo Bins

Several poo bins around the car park.

Local Info

Petworth is a lovely town to walk around with lots of antique shops and little cafes and restaurants. National Trust Petworth House is also on the walk.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

August 29, 2020
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Author Review

Like me you may have high expectations of National Trust parks and this park very much meets those. 700 acres of beautiful landscapes in the historic town of Petworth, there's huge open spaces and lots of areas to explore, combined with fantastic wildlife and lakes - there's lots to see here and dogs will love it too.

From the car park as you head left through the trees the plains open up ahead of you and the paths are very visible and easy to navigate. I kept to the left to take a walk around Lower Pond, and if you carry on and over the hill, you can see the Upper Pond on the other side of the large open lawn in front of Petworth House. I walked round the Upper Pond and back round to create a loop. Just on the far side of Upper Pond is another double level pond hidden in a circle of trees which is worth a stop - the top level very much covered in algae and bless poor Hank he through it was grass so just plopped right in!

It's a popular place and it's nice to meet fellow walkers along the way, but it is huge so never congested at all and it's an ideal place for a dog walk and a day out with the family. There are lots of open spaces and it's very safe being walled in on most sides, but this is also known as Petworth Deer Park and there are hundreds of deer here, as well as ducks and geese which are great to see on a walk, but unless you have a very well behaved dog then for most of the way they'll be on the lead. I don't! But he still loved it!

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