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Severals Rd, Midhurst GU29 0LR*

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Date Added:

March 26, 2023


Is small car park with enormous potholes! If this is full there are several further parking spots and lay-bys north along Severals Road.


Muddy and sandy paths, some steep and uneven sections. No stiles, and no sign of any livestock.


Fantastic ponds and lakes perfect for paddlers and swimmers! In March it was very wet so lots of other formed ponds around too but not sure how many of those are around in the summer.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Info

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

March 26, 2023
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Author Review

* For specific car park location What Three Words ///request.samplers.inhabited

A real unusual location and great find, Hank had such a nice time here!

The main features are the lakes, they have great shallow access and the main one has a sort of beach with mini-dunes and can't wait to try this one on a sunny day now!

From the car park there are two paths, we took the right hand one and headed into the woods. Soon you'll come to a cross roads, we went straight forward on the less trodden path, and soon here you'll see a path on your left down to the first, smaller lake, and you can walk all round this one and re-join the path on the other side.

Back on the path continue in the same direction until very soon you'll come to a sort of sandy clearing. Head right here through the sandy bunps and you'll come to the main lake and sandy beach.

Beyond the lakes there is plenty of common and forest to explore and lots of pathways and routes so all we did here was just try to find a loop back as we were stuck for time having spent so long splashing around! Make sure you set you GPS here so you know how to get back and just explore and find your route.

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