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Lurgashall, Petworth GU28 9ET

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Date Added:

October 31, 2021


Several lay bys for parking by the church and the pub.


Mainly grassy fields, with some muddy woodland paths. A couple of little bridges and small stepped sections. Lots of gates, and several stiles - Hank only just got round/under them so no good for dogs any bigger than him at all.


Several small stream crossings but only good for very shallow splash. the pond is quite small and looked a bit murky so poor old Hank wasn't allowed in that.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Info

Lovely pub, the Noah's Ark right at the start/end.

Walk Distance:

4km (*ish)

Date Walk Added:

October 31, 2021
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Author Review

If you head up private road between the Noah's ark pub and the church, then after 5 or 10 minutes the path is signed off to your right down a driveway, and you'll see the first still to the footpath that runs adjacent to the drive. This comes out onto a large grazing field, then a small woodland section crossing a little stream and then through more fields and paddocks with lovely views to your left across the farmlands and hills. When you come to the next woodland section after several gates fields, just before the stream bridge the path is signposted left so take this and after a short while you'll come to the pretty pond where there's a handy little bench for mid-walk stop. Carry on the path left of the pond and again there's more fields and woodlands.

Eventually you'll see a path signed left through a gate going through the middle of a huge field, so take this and carry on in that direction through a couple of fields. Past these fields then a gate opens on to a private road, which is the one you started on so head right and you're back at the car after 10 minutes or so.

When you're not going through sheep or horse fields, there are generally signs to keep dogs on leads so no real free space to run despite despite the seemingly wide open spaces you go through. it was a lovely, different type of walk though and very quiet so a nice escape.

*Sorry but I buggered up my route map on this one as I forgot to switch it off when I left! I've edited the map picture, but if you clink the link to use mapmyrun then ignore the end bit along the main road, and the strange bit in the middle where it seems to zoom off in the wrong direction, must have gone out if signal range there!

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