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Lodsworth, Petworth GU28 9BZ

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Date Added:

March 28, 2021


I parked along the road opposite the Hollist Arms. There are a few spaces further up by the Lodsworth Larder, or down the hill there's a small church car park off Church Lane. If you're looking for that though don't go down Vicarage Lane if your car is any bigger than a smart car!


This is quite a hilly walk with a fair few ups and downs. There are a couple of stiles, only one which Hank struggled with and only just got under so big dogs won't get through.


The first part of the walk is alongside a stretch of river, although there's no real access to it. The only real water I found where Hank could have a paddle was a small stream right at very end so not particularly a feature here.

Poo Bins

General waste bin on the small green in front of the pub.

Local Info

Will look forward to checking out the Hollist Arms when I can (written in Lockdown), and the Lodsworth Larder is a lovely local community run village shop - both right by the start/finish of the walk.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

March 28, 2021
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Author Review

From the pub if you walk down the road, and take a left down Vicarage Lane. At the end go left and the path is signposted shortly after going right through the field. The path is pretty straight forward and takes you through a small woodland, then up over a hill into another field. You'll come to a small road and the path continues over this just to the left of the farm house which takes you round a large field - this was freshly ploughed when I went so not sure what crops will be there soon.

Follow the path round until a small track leads away from the field, over the small bridge I took a left along the gravel road and a short distance along there's another left tern and into a nice open woodland section. You'll come to a large hill, and be aware the peak is right on a road but you can't see this until you're pretty much there - it is however a very quiet country road but isn't fenced off at all so just be aware. When you come to the road, go letft, and then almost immediately right along the road up the hill. A short while later the path is signposted through some cottages to your left, and this leads down some more fields with some lovely views on a clear day.

You'll soon come to another nice open woodland, and after going down the hill for a bit there's a path signposted to the right. If you follow this you go over a little stream, and up a steep field path that leads back to the The Street in the village, and go left down the hill and you'll be back at your car.

It was very quiet when I went, and Hank was off the lead for most of the way. There's no livestock directly en-route but you do walk adjacent to some fields with animals in, although today there were hardly any at all so a nice stress-free walk in a really pretty location.

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