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Petworth, GU28 0QL

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Date Added:

June 11, 2020


Free parking in decent size natural surfaced car park, sat nav will take you straight there but look out as entrance off road easy to miss.


Narrow bumpy trails through the heath, then woodland trails which can be muddy and overgrown. Fairly flat but gets more hilly the further you go.


There is a stream if you head right towards Merlin's Wood, check the map at the car park entrance for directions.

Poo Bins

Poo bin in the car park

Local Info

Is a biological site of Special Scientific Interest so great for nature lovers, twitchers and photographers.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

June 11, 2020
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Author Review

This really is a beautiful spot which you'd expect from a National Trust park but the photo's don't do it justice, and it's never been too busy when I've been there. The map at the car park is useful and you can follow the signed trails or just wander off and explore. If you do the latter though keep track of where you are as there's lots of crossroads in the paths so you could find a new walk every time you go, or if you have a bad sense of direction get completely lost!

I headed straight through the woods where after a minute or two it opens up into a vast heathland with views over to the downs. Once you've crossed this you come to a large forest with tall trees and stunning shrubbery where there's a mixture of wide woody routes leading into tight windy muddy pathways. I took a right here and then a left at the stream and continued off creating a satisfying loop before crossing the heath back to the car park. Hank was able to have the vast majority of time off the lead as it's so qiuet and far from any roads. I didn't see any horses but there was lots of err, evidence of them so that's one thing to look out for.

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