Underhill Ln, Clayton, Hassocks BN6 9PJ

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June 8, 2021


I parked in Clayton recreation ground and walked up to the windmills from there which is where my map will take you. If you'd rather park right at the windmills to start your walk there though you can, and that car park is on Mill Lane.


Steep hill climb to et to the top with mix of muddy woodland paths which were dry and a little bumpy when I went, and grassy chalk paths of the downs. No stiles, but couple of narrow kissing gates.


No water here.

Poo Bins

Bins in both the Clayton rec ground car park at the bottom, and at the windmills car park at the top.

Local Info

The Jill windmill is turning 200 in Jun 2021! Too much history here to fit in this little box, check out the link in the About My Walk section fro much more.

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Date Walk Added:

June 8, 2021
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Author Review

The route here couldn't really be easier, as as soon as you're out of the car park you can see the windmills so it's straight up from there, with the pathway starting right opposite the car park entrance. The first part takes you through a small wooded section (fenced off so not free roaming), then through the gate and it opens out onto the downs hills where there are sheep and are signs for lead-on.

As you go up the hill there are fantastic views behind you, and just before the windmills there's a small gate into the top car park and here you can wander round the windmills and head back down like I did, or if you want a longer walk there's several routes from here to extend your walk.

Of the two windmills Jack is privately owned so there is no access, but Jill is open to the public - at time of writing though it remains closed due to covid restrictions, so worth checking before you go if you're planning on trying to actually go in. From their site dogs are welcome, but aren't allowed on the upper floors.

The Jack and Jill Windmill society is a registered charity and their site has lots of info about their history, and listing hours etc. which you can find here: https://www.jillwindmill.org.uk/jjwelcome.htm

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