Iron Hill

Midhurst Road, Liphook GU30 7LP

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Small Free car park with space for 10 or so cars.


Mostly wide gravel and sandy tracks, so reckon a good wet weather option. No stiles, and any inclines are only gradual so easy walk


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

The Hollycombe Steam in the country fairground is close by - when you're at the far end of the walk when it's open you can hear the old fashioned fairground music through the trees. When I went I had no idea it was there and was completely confused!

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About My Walk

I apologise for the crappy photos on this one they don't do it justice, and whilst there aren't spectacular lakes or views it's a really nice forest walk that we enjoyed on a grey summer day.

It was nice and quiet, and with the long straight pathways with good visibility I was comfortable having Hank off the lead for most of the way. There are bits that used by horses and bikes though so keep an eye out

The pathways create an easy to navigate loop, we stuck to the gravel tracks but there are other routes through the woods if you want to go a bit more off road through the trees.

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