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Elsted Rd, Midhurst GU29 0PB

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Date Added:

December 28, 2020


Medium size car park, 2.2m height barrier.


Fairly flat, slightly hiller on the Iping Common side. Paths are uneven and narrow in parts, and as with most places in a wet December were very boggy.


At the far corner of Stedham Common side there is a small stream, although even in very wet weather was pretty shallow so not sure how this is for the rest of the year.

Poo Bins

Poo bin in the car park.

Local Info

Is a nature reserve and also home to Adders, so do be wary of these!

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

December 28, 2020
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Author Review

The car park sits between the two commons - if you cross the road you go into Stedham Common, and right off the car Park is Iping Common.

They are actually quite different despite their close proximity: Stedham Common has huge pine forests to walk through, and a small stream too. Iping Common is more open with vast heathland.

Combining the two makes for a great walk, I started by crossing over into Stedham Common following the path directly forwards until it turns right just before the next road, and this leads you down towards the stream and over a little bridge, and then right back in the direction you came (with the quarry on your left). When you get to the road there's a small gate, so we went through there and followed the path left along the road, before a short while along you cross the road and over into Iping Common. Iping common is much more open so easier to see where you are, I only explored a little over here but it's a really great space for free running.

The area is used by horses, and the sign says grazing too at times although none today when I visited. Some parts, in particular the Stedham Common side do go close to roads so just watch out for that.

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