Hove Promenade & Beach

The Beach, Kingsway, Hove BN3 4GP

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I parked on Kingsway, the coastal road by the Bowls Club - Pay and display but not too bad. Lots of other car parks around the area, whole place will be busy in peak and sunny weather so search for parking before you visit.


As you'd expect all flat paths, are steps down if you want to go to the beach or lagoon


Even at low tide when I went not too far to get to the sea. Tide times:

Poo Bins

Lots of bins all along the promenade

Local Features

Public facilities here, cafes, watersports,

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About My Walk

Change of scenery this for me, but a nice one and great for Hank's exposure to more people and busier environments - were quite a lot of dogs being walked here too.

Lots to see here, we just strolled along going on and off the beach, and took a walk round the waterspouts lagoon before coming back.

*** I got in just before the beach closes to dogs - between May and September dogs are allowed on the promenade but not on the beach ***

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