Horsell Common

A245, Woking GU21 4HQ

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Two decent sized free car parks - do have height barriers didn't see sign but guessing about 2m. Second car park is called Sandy Track and is GU21 4JJ


Mostly very flat, no stiles or gates. Mix of woodland and grass paths, lots of sandy paths through heathlands and woods too.


Nice little lake with easy access. Hank did stink on the way home though!

Poo Bins

Lots of bins around the car park.

Local Features

The 'Sand Pit' is like an inland beach with no water, and was where the Martians landed in the novel 'War of the Worlds'!

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About My Walk

Lots of paths here so I'd recommend to check the map on the info board on your way in and explore. Our route took us past the sand pit which Hank loved playing in, surrounded by some large old trees with exposed roots. There's some great forest sections through the huge pines, and some wider open spaces through the heathland too so a great mix of landscapes.

The lake is quite small but very picturesque, and with perfect shallow access from the beach it's great for dogs.

Quite a busy area so for us Hank was on the lead, but certainly not crowded even on the weekend on a nice Summer's day.

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