Hesworth Common

Lower St, Pulborough, RH20 1JF

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Small car park with typical bumpy surface on Lower Street - is just before the junction for the A283 and easy to drive past so look out for it.


Woodland paths which can be bumpy and narrow in parts. Quite hilly, nothing huge but lots of ups and downs. No stiles.


No water here.

Poo Bins

Couple of bins by the car park entrance.

Local Features

Not much in the immediate vicinity but close to several other walks including Men's Wood and Flexham Park

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About My Walk

We took the smaller path on the left of the car park rather than heading straight through the open area right in front of you to try to maximise our walk as it's quite a small area here. You are fairly close to the road for a while this way though until you turn right into the main woodland, and then after a while there is a small private road so just beware of that.

There are lots of paths and it's not too easy to navigate until you've been here a few times, our route map pretty much walks the perimeter but you can zig-zag a bit more for a bit of a longer walk, but it's not difficult to take a wrong turn and either head in the wrong direction or end up going back to where you started too quickly! It's mainly windy woodland paths through very pretty forests, occasionally opening up to views of the heathland in the centre, and at a couple of points far reaching views across the downs too.

With the windy paths there's lots of avenues to explore, there's not too many open areas though so whilst Hank enjoyed sniffing around and was off the lead for the vast majority there's not the large open spaces to freely sprint around.

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