Henley Woods

Henley, Haslemere GU27 3HQ

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There is a car park for the pub, but if you're not planning to use it there are several spaces along the road beside it


Mostly muddy or gravel trails, quite hilly here - nothing too steep but lots of ups and downs. Couple of narrow and stepped sections, no stiles.


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Duke of Cumberland part is a lovely place to stop for a drink once you've finished.

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About My Walk

The route starts directly opposite the pub, if you follow the narrow road by the phone box then the footpath is signposted on your left shortly after. It's quite difficult for me to describe the route here as once you're in the forest, there's not really any noticeable landmarks. There are quite a few forest tracks that aren't footpaths that criss cross your route, but in general the footpaths are well signed. We generally kept left at the main junctions to create the loop, but take a GPS as always is the best advice.

It's a nice open forest walk, we were off lead most of the way but around half way there was a bit of a mountain bike track with a few riders so on for that. Lots of hoof prints too so keep an eye out for horses.

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