Henfield Woods

Church Road, Scaynes Hill

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Small car park for 5 or so cars off Church Road next to Scayne's Hill Common.


Quite hilly, the paths are muddy and extremely boggy when we went. Some narrow sections, no stiles but couple of kissing gates.


There is a stream, but not really easy to get to and parts of it are fenced off so not a great feature here.

Poo Bins

Poo in at the car park

Local Features

Several other routes available and you can also go through the adjacent common too.

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About My Walk

If you follow the left hand private road (footpath signposted) off the entrance to the car park, you walk for about 5 minutes along a private drive where the footpath forks off on your right just past the houses through a tunnel of trees. The path then comes to a wonky crossroads and if you head straight on the path it then veers round to the right following the line of the telegraph poles. As you come to a clearing there's another wonky crossroads, we took the narrow path down the hill (about 2 o'clock) which leads you down and right along the stream.

There are a couple of crossings on your left going into the fields for other routes, but we ignored those and just kept the stream on the left of us as the path got narrower and boggier, it comes out into an open heath area and then beyond this the woodland paths continue. There are several options along the way but we headed up the hill and right and eventually completed a loop through the woodlands, and with a great open grassy field too on the way back.

It's a nice open are so good opportunities for off-lead, and was very quiet. We didn't come across any cattle or horses but I've only been here once so can't say for sure they're not used for them at all.

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