Hascombe Hill

The St, Hascombe, Godalming GU8 4JA

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Car park opposite the White Horse - is a church car park so will be busy at Church times.


Quite hilly here with some steep sections. Is one stile right past the private garage at the start, but quite low and a decent size gap around the side that Hank had no trouble getting round. Pretty muddy paths, and some smaller routes are quite narrow and overgrown.


No water here

Poo Bins

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Local Features

The White horse pub is right by the car park, and we did see people with dogs sat out the front so assume is dog-friendly.

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About My Walk

From the car park if you cross over and head up Nore Road adjacent to the pub, the path heads off to the right next to a private garage.

From here we just headed up, keeping to the left when there was an option and this took us to the top of the hill, through some great woodlands and the interesting carved log stacks. Past these there's a clearing with a log bench, and 5 or 6 different routes - here's where I went wrong! I was in fact trying to find a local landmark called 'The stone Circle' so tried going straight on which took me round to the left for a while, realising I was not going to find it I backtracked effectively heading right from the top and before I knew it I was coming back on myself and re-joined the route I came up on.

So apologies but I never did find the Stone Circle so use my route with caution, but had a great walk nevertheless and would absolutely recommend visiting and finding your own way round as I'm sure there's more to see than I discovered, and we really enjoyed the visit as it was anyway.

I only came across a couple of other walkers, but can't say for sure this route isn't used but cyclists or horses but didn't see any today.

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