Hankley Common

Elstead, Godalming GU8 6LW

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Decent size car park - is actually called Thursley Common Main Car Park if you're searching for it.


Mainly sandy and muddy paths, and rooty and uneven in places. Hilly in parts but nothing too huge. No stiles.


No actual lakes or streams that we found so nothing in the summer. When we went though the paths created some fantastic huge puddles which were great for Hank to splash around in.

Poo Bins

Couple of bins right at the start in the car park

Local Features

This is a popular filming location - you may recognise it from the end of James Bond, Skyfall. Check out Thursley Common walk on the site as well for another great local route.

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About My Walk

The car park is up the windy track and on the left just before the military training base, having parked we headed straight up the hill by the poo bins and shortly you'll see the huge expanse of land with the training facilities in the middle. We headed left here and through the trees, and eventually came to another clearing where you can see a huge bowl effectively.

We navigated a loop around the base of the bowl before heading back, but we only had a quick walk as it was a hideous day so sure there's plenty more to explore.

Probably mostly down to the weather but we didn't see anyone else at all today, and with great visibility for long distances was a perfect trip for letting Hank off the lead for most of the way. Just as we were leaving though there were some horses coming in so do watch out for them.

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