Hammond's Copse

Broad Ln, Parkgate, Dorking RH5 5AS

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Small car park off the main road, with space for several cars depending on how everyone parks! Very easy to miss so keep an eye out.


Nice flat walk, I went when dry and wasn't;t too bad but I reckon will be muddy in wet times as mostly woodland muddy paths. No stiles, unless you want to venture further into the fields.


Nice little stream to splash in. Is a pond which is in the middle and actually pretty hard to find, and from what I could figure 90% inaccessible. Once we crossed the stream on the way back we just followed that until we found the pond, and found a nice shallow bank - overall not a swimming location but great for a splash.

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A nice little find this one, it's only quite a small area but well kept and very pretty - we went just as the Autumn colours starting to come through.

You can check the sign at the start of the walk, and we basically followed the perimeter for most of the way before cutting in to find the pond. There are additional routes through the fields which you'll pass so options to explore more if you want.

Seemed nice and secure so plenty of off-lead opportunities, but today kept Hank on the lead as was tree felling going on which was well signed but didn't want him running off in to that!

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