Graffham Common

The Street, Graffham, Petworth GU28 0QD

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Several spaces at the front of the village shop. To get to the start of the walk come out of the car park and head right, and the path is signposted about 100 yards on your left. This is along a road but are verges to walk on for the most part.


Slightly hilly in parts, pathways are windy uneven muddy woodland paths with a few narrow foot bridges. One stile, but has a handy dog door which Hank got through with a bit of room to spare but not much.


There is a stream that has lots of access and pools and it's a great place for water-loving dogs.

Poo Bins

No poo bins, but general waste bin at the front of the shop.

Local Features

Lovely local shop where you park. Is only a few minutes drive from the Lavington Common walk too.

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About My Walk

I couldn't find any details on this walk prior to coming here so it was all a bit unknown, but it's a beautiful area with lots of different landscapes and one of the best places I've found for dogs to splash around in.

You walk past a couple of equestrian fields at the start of the walk so on-lead through here, and then past these a small bridge takes you into the woodland. Up the hill here and at the fork we took a right and that path takes you through pretty woodland and arched pathways under various species of trees. Not long after and down the hill you come to the stream which is just perfect for dogs and Hank absolutely loved it.

We followed the path along the stream, and after a while the path heads up to the left on sandy heathland paths, fern beds and huge trees and taking a left again creates a nice loop to come back to the start of the woods. There are several routes here so take a GPS app if you're venturing here for the first time.

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