Goodwood Country Park

Selhurst Park Road, Goodwood *

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Decent sized free car park - closed at dusk


Woodland and grass paths, quite wide and level some small hills. No stiles or steps


No water here

Poo Bins

Poo bin by the car park gate

Local Features

Can't find much info about the actual walking area round here but driving home there's lots of lay-bys and walkers around so plenty of other routes to be explored I think!

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About My Walk

The whole area around the racecourse and motor circuit is beautiful in itself to drive round with lovely views and tree line roads. We found this little car park and within too much info or a map in advance just winger it a bit to explore.

It's a wide car park with several starting points - we essentially took the middle route, and as we went down the hill went left into the woods and this eventually made a loop back to the car park. There was a gate to a field which we went into for a run and to check out some lovely views, but didn't go any further but routes are there if you want to. This was only a short walk, and think if we'd have gone right from the car park might have been a bit linger route.

In early November it was beautiful autumn colours and a lovely forest walk. Quite popular with lots of other dog walkers and cyclists around.

* Coordinates for car park 50.89475197781993, -0.7236209488709745

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