Glover's Wood

Glover's Road, Charlwood, Horley

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Off road parking along Glover's Road which is off Russ Hill Road/Rectory Lane but can be fairly busy though as is residential. There is another entrance further south on Charlwood Lane (Partridge Lane end) but only a very small lay-by with space for 1 or 2 cars.


Woodland paths which were very wet and boggy when we went in December. in general not too hilly if you stick to the paths, but are a few inclines and are some narrow paths and footbridges in parts. No stiles, but a couple of narrow kissing gates.


Several  streams which are great for dogs to play in. The map at the info board shows a couple of ponds - we came across one right at the start which was pretty but a bit mucky, didn't find the other one though which looks a little bigger.

Poo Bins

At the end of Glover's Road and through the metal gate, there's a poo bin just before the path narrows past the first field.

Local Features

If you start the walk through the woods heading left, look at the for very picturesque Lowfield Heath Windmill across the field on your left.

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About My Walk

If you park on Glover's Road then walk right to the end and the footpath comes off the road straight ahead. You pass past what must be a aircraft enthusiast collector and it's great to see the old planes and helicopters which were even festively decorated when we went. The path takes you past a sheep field (fenced off) and then enter the woodland through the kissing gate where it's a good idea to check the info board and check the map.

It's a lovely area to explore, we made a loop just under 3km but I'm sure you could find alternative longer routes if you wish. The woods are nice and open, there's a couple of rope swings and it was very quiet when we went so perfect to let Hank off the lead.

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