Gennets Wood

Rosemary Lane, Cranleigh, GU6 8EY

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Little bit dodgy here - a couple of spaces off road near the start of the walk but quite tight and muddy. Spoke to a local who said you can park at the entrance to the walk and there is technically space to do that, but the path runs adjacent to a private drive for the first bit so take care not to block any access.


Mainly very flat walk, first part is on gravel road and then mix of woodland and field paths which can be very boggy. Couple of gates but no stiles.


Very pretty lake, is used by anglers and whilst pretty it's not particularly ideal for dogs to actually go in.

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See Sidney Wood for another local walk.

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About My Walk

I actually set out to start my walk at Alfold church, but after being seemingly completely closed in to horse fields with no way out I head further up the road to where this walk starts on Rosemary Lane. This walk shares a small part of the route at the start with my Sidney Wood walk too.

Where the walk starts, coming from Alfold there is also a path right which takes you to Sidney Wood, but here I went left. The first part of the path leads you to a gate, which is you go through and carry on along the gravel road past the fields for about 1km before there's a signposted footpath crossroads. (There is another one sooner than this, but this is actually the way I came back so to follow my route go past the first one.)

At the crossroads head right and the path leads you into some pretty woods with the lake to the left of you. Carry on the path and eventually there's a gate on your right hand side leading right through the fields which ultimately brings you back to the main route in to head back. Before you take this right turn though, if you head left for a minute you come to the lake which is worth a visit. The field next to the lake can have cattle in though to do watch out for that.

There are several routes here to extend the walk, so if 2.5km is not enough for you check out the public footpath map for more options.

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