Frith Wood

A283, Petworth GU28 9EH*

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Lay-by off the main road, quite large dips! Space for three or four cars avoiding blocking the gate.


Quite hilly in parts - went in dry weather and mainly nice and flat paths but even then some boggy bits so reckon in wet weather will be quite boggy. No stiles!


Couple of shallow streams to cross

Poo Bins

No bins here

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* for specific location use coordinates 51.063727, -0.643999

Another disclaimer - I forgot to turn my route map off until I got to Petworth so ignore the last bit along the road, think the distance is about right!!

A really nice walk here, and so peaceful - this is the second time I've been here and only ever seen one other walker and other than that no people, livestock or anyone!

As you go past the gate from the road there;'s a couple of wide logging trails, but look for the footpath sign and it's a narrow trail right in the middle. This takes you through some woodlands with some huge trees and when we went some great bluebells.

You'll come to two signed crossroads in the path, and go straight through both of them. After the second one after a short stretch of woodlands it opens out onto a huge field with great views and lots of space to run. Follow the path left and at the bottom of the hill go left over the stream and up the hill. At the top of the hill the path is signposted on your left but looks a little rough - take it though it does open out a bit and you go over a little stream.

Over the stream it opens out onto another huge field and the sign is in the hedge but the path is dead ahead right through the middle of the field, which when we went was bright yellow rapeseed. Past this and past the old barn buildings, the path signs off to the left in a bit, through a field gate and through another open field with again some great views over the fields and some large oak trees. Through the next gate and the path veers off to the left where there's a great little splashing spot soon after.

Head up hill and follow the path and you'll come to a crossroads, go left and you're back on the original path back to the start.

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