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Prestwick Lane, Grayswood, Haslemere

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Date Added:

May 3, 2021


Little car park off Prestwick Lane heading out of Grayswood by the Forestry Commission entrance.


Little bit hilly but easy enough. No stiles 😁! Muddy woodland paths which were fine when I went in May if a little uneven at points, but look like they'd be very muddy in winter, some narrow bits too.


Several sections of stream, not very deep though but fine for a bit of a splash.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Info

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Date Walk Added:

May 3, 2021
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Author Review

If you love a woodland walk, then in my opinion this is perfect. It's not busy at all, has great open forest to explore and there's picturesque little bridges dotted around crossing the stream that goes through the middle.

With lots of routes it's one for the GPS app, but I managed to create a nice little loop fairly easily. As you follow the main track from the car park, not long after there's a crossroads where the left takes you through a horse field, and the right beside some private gardens. We took the right turn, and then after a short while there's a tight left turn past the fenced field - this route takes you down over a little bridge and into the forest. We continued in this direction for a fair while enjoying the woodlands, there's a rickety old bridge with broken handrails, up the hill the other side of this we went left (at this junction, if you go straight over there's a huge open grassy field if you fancy letting your dog have a great free run which we did for a bit before getting back on track). Continuing in that direction, there's another little bridge and stream section which is very pretty, and up the hill past that we went left again, and kept in that direction taking you back to the main track and the car park.

We only saw one other walker in our whole time here, and whilst there are signs of bikes and horses we didn't see any so Hank enjoyed being off the lead for nearly all of the walk once we were in the woods.

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