Frensham Little Pond

Priory Ln, Frensham, Farnham GU10 3BT

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National Trust car park which was pretty full when I went on a miserable day so sure will be very busy in better weather. Free for members, £1.50 up to 1 hr, £3 up to 2 hrs, £4 up to 4 hrs, £6 all day.


Mainly sandy paths, mostly very flat if you keep to the lake perimeter. Bit hilly as you explore the heath but nothing too bad. No stiles.


The pond has several beaches and access points perfect for splashing dogs. Is also used by anglers though who have designated points so be considerate of them.

Poo Bins

Poo bins at the cafe

Local Features

Has a little Cafe which is open at peak times, and if you want a longer walk can go all the walk to Frensham Great Pond too.

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About My Walk

This is a great family walk with it's sandy beaches and vast open heathland. We followed the lake along the right hand side past the cafe, and then just wandered into the heathland to explore that a bit - it's nice and open so keep the lake in sight and it's pretty difficult to get lost. On the way back down we walked round the other side of the pond, this side has fewer water access points but some pretty forest areas and just follow it round back to the car park.

I went on a late afternoon on a miserable December day and was pretty busy, and I have no doubt it will be much busier in better weather too and the car park isn't huge so worth considering when planning a trip and maybe having a back up option.

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