Findon Valley

Roger's Ln, Findon, Worthing BN14 0RE

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I parked in the Findon Valley Garden Centre Car Park, and the public footpath sign is pointing up the hill just by the car park entrance.


Is a steady climb up all of the first half, then down for the second. No stiles. Mostly earth and chalky paths which were dry when we went but probably boggy at times.


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Once you get to the top you have great views over Long Furlong

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About My Walk

If you walk up the private road following the footpath sign, it's not long before there's a junction and if you go right here up the hill.

It's a nice easy route from here so following the path to the top, then heading left. Carry on until there's a small path on your left and take this down the hill, left at the farm at the bottom and full;ow the road back to the start.

Most paths are fenced either side so not lots of open space here, but a pretty route with some lovely viewpoints.

We passed a handful of other walkers but it wasn't busy, can be used for horses too but no livestock en-route today.

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