Ewhurst Green

The Green, Ewhurst, Cranleigh GU6 7RS

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I parked on the road on Plough Lane next to a small pond by the cricket pitch.


Very flat walk. Mix of field paths, gravel paths and muddy paths - some of which clearly will be very boggy in wet seasons, and some are very narrow with overgrown sides. No good for big dogs - several stiles.


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Crossing over the road from where I parked the path is signposted going down the side of a private house and over the first stile into a small field. The next stile takes you through a small woodland section before you come out onto a private road. Go left on this road and there is a gate almost immediately on your left which leads you on a long narrow path besides some fields.

From here you come on to a wider bridleway - head right, then a little further along there's another right turn, take this. This is a narrower muddy path which eventually leads you past some fields and houses and comes out onto a large grazing area. Once in the grazing area I joined the road on your right almost immediately, but I think the footpath actually runs parallel to the road if you want to stay on that. This road takes you all the way back to the main road, and cross over again to your car.

It's a very pretty area, not so much for a big day out but a very quiet area so a nice relaxing walk for a change of scenery. Mostly is along fenced pathways though so although Hank was off the lead for a while there's no real open spaces.

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