Ebernoe Common

Ebernoe, Petworth GU28 9LD

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Large car park outside the Holy Trinity Church


Fairly hilly but not too steep, main bridleway well maintained. Head into woods and there's muddy paths, with obstacles and narrow overgrown brush either side.


There is a lake, and a couple of smaller ponds although they and the small stream were nearly dry when I went in June.

Poo Bins

No bins here.

Local Features

Is a Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature reserve so plenty of wildlife around.

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About My Walk

Coming from Billingshurst direction there's lots of windy country roads to get here, when the sat nav ends follow the turn off signposted to the Holy Trinity church to find the car park.

The main bridleway past the church on the left takes you right into the middle of the walk, I took the smaller path to the right of the church and down a stepped woodland trail which leads you to a small, pretty lake. Following the path back round it's not long until you get back on the main bridleway, I wanted to see what else there was though and tried to venture into the woods more on the smaller trails but it never really opens up and its not long until you meet a fenced area and are coming back towards the main path again. So not particularly one for the adventurous here, but is a pleasant and peaceful walk and very quiet so lots of off-lead opportunities for Hank.

My walk was about 45 minutes, but there's several paths leading to fields that I didn't explore so could definitely be made longer if you wish.

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