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Village Hall, Chichester PO18 0JG

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Date Added:

May 2, 2023


Road parking outside the village hall


A big hill to climb but not too steep, and mostly flat grassy/chalky and woodland paths - few trees to clamber over. No stiles but several gates, and only livestock we saw were in the first field which if you read the review section can be avoided.


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Info

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

May 2, 2023
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Author Review

This is a really pretty part of the country, and even the drive into East Dean on a Spring day was lovely with the rolling hills and roadside trees coming into bloom!

The walk is two parts really, the first is climbing the hill through the huge open fields with fantastic views, and then the second is through the pretty woodland before heading back.

From the road you'll see the public footpath sign just past the village hall heading off into the fields - you can go this way but need to cross a small field with very inquisitive sheep but we found out on the way back you can also go through a small gap in the village hall car park and head right anyway which avoids going through the sheep field.

You head up the hill and the first gate directs you right and you walk along the field with the church on your right. Once you get to a single track chalk road the path directs you up the hill through a small woodland section.

After this you're in a huge field, and we took the path directing you straight through it and the views from here are incredible and lots of space to run. At the top of this field and past the fenced off woodlands on your right there's a gate which leads into the woodland section.

Carry on through the woods until you get to a signed crossroads and head right. Keep on going and eventually you come to a sort of Y junction with two long straight roads ahead of you, Just a few meters before this there's an unsigned dirt track path on your right almost going back on yourself - take this and it leads you through the woods and then keep right at the next junction and it leads you back into the large field you came in on so head back the way you came from there.

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