Eartham Woods

Eartham, Chichester PO18 0LU

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Large forestry car park, 2.1m height barrier.


Slightly hilly but nothing too steep. Mix of chalk and woodland paths which can be bumpy and boggy but mostly quite flat.


No water here

Poo Bins

Poo bin near the road entrance to the car park

Local Features

Nice family friendly location with picnic area by car park

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About My Walk

This is my first visit here but it's clearly a very popular place as the large car park was very busy with lots of families, dog walkers, and pony trekkers. It's an impressive forest with huge trees towering above, and in early November the Autumn colours were beautiful. There are great open spaces for off-lead walking, but are lots of other people and animals around to watch out for.

We only had time for a short walk, but it's a much larger area than we had time to explore so if you wanted a longer walk there's lots of other routes to try. I couldn't find a map anywhere of the routes so just created a small loop using our GPS app following the paths we could and venturing off piste for a bit too to let hank run through the trees.

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