Durfold Wood

Fisher Lane, Plaistow

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Small woodland trust car park opposite Durfold Farm entrance on Fisher Lane. Space for 4 or 5 cars, 2m barrier.


Very flat walk. Mix of gravel laid paths and muddy woodland trails, some of which can be boggy and a bit narrow. Couple of fallen trees to navigate, no stiles.


There are a few shallow streams but not particularly a feature here - bit of paddling at best! This was also in wet season, so not sure if there would be much water at all in summer.

Poo Bins

No bins here.

Local Features

Is a Woodland trust nature reserve.

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About My Walk

Heading from the car park and past the fields, when the path forks off I took a right, and then right again at the next section a short way along. Soon the paths lead round a tight left turn and onto a huge, very straight path. I took a left at the end of this, and then another left almost immediately before the small footbridge and this takes you back to the start.

There are other routes you can explore, and a few paths crossing through the loop that I did if you just want a little more variety.

It's a very quiet area and out of the way and it was a really nice walk. For those that want more climbing and clambering thoughoutt their forest walks it's not the most exciting, but for a nice easy walk with plenty of space to let your dog off the lead I'd definitely recommend a visit.

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